A collaborative resourcing platform for a resilient Hawaiʻi.

Kūkulu Switchboard was created to facilitate connections between philanthropy and community, and enable timely resource exchange through a facilitated digital peer-to-peer network. Asks and Offers for resources (financial, human, or otherwise) are posted, categorized, and searchable to easily connect with needs. It’s a simple, curated, human-operated platform that increases community capacity, connecting nonprofits and socially minded innovators with resources like funding, technical assistance and potential partners in real-time and in a transparent, equitable way.


Filter through asks and offers by location, subject, and category. The Kūkulu braintrust is all yours.


Connect with other members directly without all the clutter of social media. Your message will go straight to their email inbox.


Access Switchboard anytime with your mobile browser without losing features of the desktop version.