“Many thanks to Gregory Dunn from the Hawaii Theater  for offering to assist   Lymphacare Hawaii to  produce and broadcast educational classes for people with lymphedema.  We will be working with The Hawaii Theater to produce and broadcast a series of  classes for people to manage chronic swelling at home. This is truly a dream come true!    ”

Louise Tanswell shared this story on September 21, 2021

Broadcasting online health class

“Mahalo for everyone's support! Hawaii Institute of Pacific Agriculture (HIP Ag) was able to raise $5,000, almost half of their ask.”

“It's nice to see others in the community support our non-profit efforts to make a difference in the community!”

“This campaign has been fully funded! ”

“Within a week we were awarded the funds we needed to launch this urgent effort through an anonymous funder via HCF. Mahalo nui to you, we are so grateful and touched by your generosity and promise to make your investment in us as impactful as possible! ”

“Maui Hub connected with a funder for $20,000 in funding!”

“Individual donors connected with FPH to contribute to this incredible effort!”

Chloe Hartwell shared this story on January 25, 2021

Gift Cards & Presents for Families in Need

“With help from donors on Kukulu Switchboard and elsewhere, I met and exceeded my crowdfunding goal! Now I can purchase supplies and build this community fridge - I'll be posting updates on the GoFundMe page once I get to that point. Thanks so much, everyone!”

“A a donor group generously provided the trees needed for the families last week! ”

Kandice Johns shared this story on December 17, 2020

4 Christmas Trees for Families at The Maui Farm

“Thank you to all you reached out.”

Hawaii Literacy shared this story on December 2, 2020

Bookshelves needed for Family Library

“Through the support of our donors near and far, we were able to provide 130 families with a Thanksgiving meal! Our volunteers personally connected with their family, friends, and co-workers and shared the heart of our Thanksgiving Dinner Run, and our social media posts & sponsorship/donation updates helped significantly in bringing in the last of our funds needed to make this a success! Thank you to those who shared this post & donated to our cause! ”

Life 360 Network shared this story on December 2, 2020

Thanksgiving Dinner Run

“Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative connected with a donor to fund this request!”

“We are so grateful for the postive and quick response to this ask!  Kukulu Switchboard allowed us to introduce Kahi Mohala and an immediate need for our child and adolescent patients to donors we otherwise may never have have reached. Huge thanks for this platform.”

“HIPHI connected with a donor for partial funding! They are seeking to raise $3,000 in additional funding to match contributions by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Kamehameha Schools, and individual donor Jeanne Herbert for State-Level Farm to School Strategic Planning.”

“We are so happy to have helped another school in need of desks! ”

Phyllis Norton shared this story on August 8, 2020

Student desks

“SUCCESS!  Friends of the Library and Hawaii's public library system will benefit from this generous donation by an anonymous donor!”

“We were able to connect with AlohaCare for the chairs we needed!”

Alan Krober shared this story on July 31, 2020

Office Chairs Requested

“"We have received a donation of a laptop from Peter Hoffenberg and Dan McGrady, and we are so grateful to Kukulu for making this possible! Thank you for helping with the enhancements! Aloha, Mahealani Cypher, Ko`olau Foundation."”

“Mahalo!  This project has been funded. We appreciate all of the support and good wishes we received.”

“Kunia Village, which houses Micronesian families, is developing a place for kids to hang out safely, to do art, read, etc.  They took the stamps!”

Alan Krober shared this story on June 24, 2020

Stamps & Inkpads